Aysgarth Nov 2012

Workshop Report: Aysgarth November 2012

Aysgarth Nov 2012
Pointing out a detail in the rapids on the River Ure


A month after our last visit, this workshop required an earlier start due to the intervening clock change but it was well worth it for a day with a variety of lighting situations, a touch of autumn colour and beautiful twilight at the end of the day at West Burton Falls.

We started the day as ever with a chat and a look at some images over tea and coffee at the Fox and Hounds in West Burton before setting off across the fields in pleasant autumn sunshine towards Aysgarth with a brief photo stop at the church to learn a bit about depth of field and get used to using the camera on a tripod and off auto!

From here we made our way down to Lower Aysgarth Falls.  The River Ure was fairly high, so it wasn’t possible to get far out onto the rocks on the riverbed below the lower falls, but there was still enough room to set up a tripod and get in close with a long lens to pick out moving water details.  A rock pool with perfectly still clear water and a layer of submerged leaves also made an interesting close-up subject which we’d not seen before at this spot – the changing river level always throws up something new on each visit!

Aysgarth Nov 2012
Discussing the tricky lighting at Lower Aysgarth Falls


We made our way up to the viewpoint above the Lower Falls to have a look at it from a different angle and make use of the peaty colours in the tumbling water before heading upstream to Upper Aysgarth Falls where we had a well-earned lunch break.  The Upper Falls looked particularly good with the river level as it was, and bright yellow foliage on the opposite bank added a bit of autumn interest to some of the shots.

After spending a fair bit of time at this location we headed off back along the other bank of the Ure, taking in the area of rapids below the Lower Falls before heading back across fields toward West Burton.  A low afternoon sun illuminated the field barns nicely making a short break from waterfall photography before arriving back at West Burton for the highlight of the day – the spectacular West Burton Waterfall or Cauldron Force.  As the sun went down the exposure times got longer and longer but it was worth waiting a little after sunset to enjoy the soft twilight on the autumn colours surrounding the falls, before heading back to the Fox and Hounds to warm up by the fire and discuss the day’s photography over a drink.


Aysgarth Nov 2012
Admiring autumn colours and great twilight at West Burton Falls

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