2 photographers, same place, 2 very different images

With nearly everyone having some form of camera, be it professional or on a phone, you might expect that every image has been taken. This is so utterly and fantastically untrue! and what I love most about photography.

Mark and I have enjoyed many outings together around Yorkshire to find locations for our workshops and each time I have been amazed at how two photographers can be at the exact same location at the exact same time, with identical light and return home with completely different images.

There is never a right or wrong way to photograph a subject, its up to the creative to make the composition and then expose accordingly. The below images are an example of this – Mark and I went to visit Ribblehead and Thornton Force on a recce earlier this year, and went up to the Standing Stone below Whernside and opposite Inglebourgh. This is a superb location and one I would like to visit in the winter. So these two images were taken on the same day, same time, same light and are completely different.

Marks composition has taken in the Standing Stone with Whernside in the background and shows the very heavy clouds passing over, I chose to photograph it from the other side with Ingleborugh in the background and using a 100mm lens from a little way back to almost dwarf the stone. I also made the decision to make the image black and white during processing to really bring out the limestone pavement.

Standing Stone and Whernside from Twisleton Scar – by Mark Sunderland

Shot using a Canon 5D MkII, EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM at 43mm, ISO 100, 1/20s at f22

Standing Stone and Ingleborough, Twisleton Scar End – by Sam Oakes

Shot using a Canon 1ds Mark II, 100mm Marcro Lens, ISO 100, 1/10s at f/32

So there you have it, every photograph will never be taken… even on the same day


Location of the Standing Stone below… Enjoy


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