Dry Stone Walls at Gunnerside Swaledale Yorkshire Dales England
Dry Stone Walls at Gunnerside

A journey from Gunnerside up to Keld in Upper Swaledale provides so many great subjects for the landscape photographer.  In this article we’ll look at some of the highlights which we cover on our weekend workshop.

Images of the geometric patterns of dry stone walls and lush green grass at Gunnerside are perhaps the most evocative of Swaledale, but it’s not all walls, barns and meadows – there’s a particularly high concentration of lovely waterfalls in Upper Swaledale too!

Wain Wath Force Keld Swaledale Yorkshire Dales England
Wain Wath Force, Keld

At Wain Wath Force near the village of Keld, a curved sweep of rock spans the river where multiple cascades drop into a swirling pool in the River Swale.

This is spectacular in itself, but the area below the main force deserves some attention too, as the river tumbles over a series of flat rocks in  a number of smaller waterfalls, each providing interest.

Depending on the river level, it’s possible to wander out onto the rocks and get in close on these lower falls which opens up the subject to producing more abstract images as well.


Lower Falls Wain Wath Force Swaledale Yorkshire Dales England
Lower Falls, Wain Wath

Just a short, easy stroll to the other side of Keld there is the delightful East Gill Force, as a stream tumbles down the side of the dale to join the Swale. Further downstream on the main river itself is the more dramatic Kisdon Force.

East Gill Force Keld Swaledale Yorkshire Dales England
East Gill Force, Keld
Upper Kisdon Force Upper Swaledale Yorkshire Dales England
Upper Kisdon Force

Near Angram there are spectacular views down the dale at the foot of Kisdon Hill, where a well-photographed field barn provides a great focal point to images…

Barn near Keld in Upper Swaledale Yorkshire Dales
Barn near Keld in Upper Swaledale

Back at Gunnerside, a different look at the dry stone walls and barns is possible when the hay meadows are being cut (normally in mid July)…

Hay Meadows at Gunnerside Swaledale Yorkshire Dales England
Hay Meadows at Gunnerside

With so much to photograph it’s no wonder that we need a whole weekend workshop to do this location justice! If you’d like to join us for some Swaledale photography this year full details can be found on the Swaledale Weekend workshop page.

Field Barns, Gunnerside Swaledale Yorkshire Dales England
Field Barns, Gunnerside