West Burton Waterfall in Summer

West Burton Revisited

West Burton Waterfall in Summer
West Burton Waterfall in Summer, Wensleydale, Yorkshire Dales


During my Swaledale and Wensleydale shoot earlier in the summer I stayed with my sister and brother-in-law nor far from Aysgarth for a few days.  I has a quick trip out to take some photographs before dinner when I arrived and on my return I said to my sister “you’ll never guess where I’ve been!”  She thought for a moment and said “West Burton?”  It was true – it seems that no matter how many times I’ve been to West Burton, whether to takes photographs myself or with a workshop group, I just can’t resist another trip to my favourite little waterfall when I’m in the area.

West Burton Waterfall
West Burton Waterfall


As it happened, I hadn’t really got many summer shots of it, preferring spring and autumn for my previous visits, but the soft hazy summer afternoon light looked pretty good for moving water photography, and I knew we’d had a good few dry days previously so I was thinking it would probably be in rather gentler mood than the raging torrent we’d been faced with on our last couple of workshop visits.  I wasn’t to be disappointed, West Burton Waterfall was looking at its best – with multiple drops of water and space between revealing the mossy rocks behind.

West Burton Waterfall
Getting in Closer on the Moving Water…


I was pleasantly surprised with the surrounding foliage too – the cold, late spring meant that the tree were still looking fresh rather than a more drab summer green making shots of the waterfall in its surroundings quite attractive.  Of course, I couldn’t resist getting in a bit closer for a slightly more abstract shot of the fast moving water as well!  Vertical compositions seemed to work well too, especially from the side of the falls, across the beck, where the low water level revealed some nice lines leading in to the cascade in the flat rocks just under the surface of the water.

West Burton Waterfall
Vertical Compositions of the Falls


If you’d like to join us to photograph this wonderful waterfall on a workshop packed with waterfall photography then have a look at our Aysgarth Falls Photography Workshop page.  We’ll be there next in October, and then our first workshop of 2014 next March.  And after this successful shoot, we ‘ll probably be adding an early summer visit in 2014 too, so keep and eye of the website later in the year for details.

2 thoughts on “West Burton Revisited

  1. As always, very beautiful professional photos. I long to get on with post processing the images I took with you on a great workshop. With water in mind, you wet my appetite to go again! Ha! Goog luck to all who attend. happy shooting


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