Workshop Report: Ribblehead and Twiselton Scar End, September 2013

Photographers on Twisleton Scar Yorkshire Dales England
Photographers on Twisleton Scar

With Armageddon predicted on the weather forecast for the Sunday it was with great relief that the Saturday was looking pretty clear for us at Ribblehead and Twisleton Scar.

Thankfully as we drove up in the morning, it was spot on, the light was crisp and clear, and that feeling that autumn is just creeping in. There was enough cloud cover to cast shadows over the landscape and give definition and the sun popped through every now and again to light up the hilltops… Perfect.

We met at the Station Inn Pub by the viaduct and were offered home made scones by the landlord, which was very welcome. Over coffee and teas we went through a few camera settings and a slideshow of images to best describe the 5 elements which make a great landscape photograph, before setting out for the day.

Our first stop was just beyond the car park to the viaduct itself. This is just a quick exercise to get the cameras set up and have a play with a few settings, but also to see the viaduct in the morning, and how different it will look when we return for sunset.

Our next part of the day was a short drive down to Twisleton Scar End. Due to the suns position, it was the perfect time to take a look at Thornton Force. The waterfall before 12 mid day is in open shade so we were able to experiment with shutter speed and record the moving water. Once the sun comes round and shines straight on the falls, it becomes slightly different and much harder to photograph, so we made our way to the falls above Thornton, for a spot of lunch and a few more shots before our ascent to the standing stone.

Getting in close for the moving water shots
Getting in close for the moving water shots

Just a short walk up from Thornton Force and some up hill bits, we make it to Twiselton Scar End, which is a stunning place with 360 views all across the Dales and you can even see the west coast and wind turbines in the very distance. We make our first stop on some limestone pavement looking over to Ingleborough, but just as a huge cloud comes over and flattens the whole scene, so we use this to try duel exposures, one for the foreground and one for the sky so we can merge them on the Sundays post processing session.

Waiting for the light on Twiselton Scar
Waiting for the light on Twiselton Scar

From here we make our way to the Standing Stone, a dinosaur egg in the middle of some limestone pavement. This is such a great location as it can be photographed in so many ways, either with Whernside in the background or Ingleborough. The light was always changing at this point with a few clouds passing over, lighting up the stone or the distant hills, or casting shadows on the hills and lighting up the foreground. Really great to watch it change and create very different images from the same spot.

At the standing stone with Ingelborough in the distance
At the standing stone with ingleborough in the distance

With a keen eye on the watch, it was time to make our way back for a last shot of the lone tree in the limestone pavement with Ingleborough in the distance, which made a great end to the afternoon, but it was definitely time to get back for sunset.

Getting parked up back at the Station Inn pub we took the short walk out to the limestone pavement where the 360 views are stunning, To one side you have, Whernside, leading to the Viaduct and then Ingleborough and further round Pen-y-ghent, so all the Yorkshire Three Peaks are in view as the sun began to set. The light was very good, the limestone pavement was nicely side lit and Ingleborough bathed in the warm glow. A superb finish to a great day (which included a quick pint in the pub)

At Ribblehead for Sunset
At Ribblehead for Sunset

The Sundays forecast for Armageddon wasn’t quite accurate for Harrogate, but that didn’t matter for the processing session. We got the images up on the big screen and got to processing. There were some really excellent results and the lighting was perfect for many of the locations!! All in all, a great weekend!

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