Upper Wharfedale in Summer

A Tour of The Dales – Through Wharfedale

Clouds Clearing Over Cow and Calf Rocks, Ilkley Moor
Clouds Clearing Over Cow and Calf Rocks, Ilkley Moor


In our latest look at photographic locations along the route of the Dales stage of the Tour de France we’re concentrating on the first part of Stage 1 as Le Tour travels through West Yorkshire from Leeds and up into the heart of the Yorkshire Dales through Wharfedale. There’s plenty to admire on the way, not least the famous Cow and Calf Rocks at Ilkley.

Meadows in Wharfedale
A Patchwork of Meadows in Wharfedale near Grassington


Once into the Dales proper, miles of dry stone walls adorn the landscape.  In the summer the scene can change on an almost daily basis as hay meadows are cut and the colour palette changes from lush green and bright yellow to more pastel shades.

Upper Wharfedale in Summer
Upper Wharfedale in Summer


Up near Kettlewell, fields of buttercups can be particularly appealing with a touch of backlighting adding a real glow to the flowers.

Buttercup Meadow Upper Wharfedale
Buttercup Meadow near Kettlewell, Upper Wharfedale


The route for the riders of Le Tour will get a little more strenuous as it climbs up the pass at the top of Wharfedale over into Bishopdale for the descent into Wensleydale, passing one of our favourite spots at West Burton, where we would advise cyclists to dismount and just sit for a while admiring this wonderful little waterfall…

West Burton Waterfall in Summer
West Burton Waterfall in Summer


If you’d like to join us in Wharfedale we have a workshop at Bolton Abbey and Strid Wood.  And to visit that lovely waterfall, have a look at our Aysgarth workshop!

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