Yorkshire Photography Locations – Robin Hood’s Bay

We’ve had a look at Robin Hood’s Bay on the blog before, but it’s such a great location for both sunrise and sunset landscape photography that it’s always worth another visit.  It’s a beautiful little fishing village situated on the Yorkshire coast just south of Whitby and proves very popular in the summer months, but now the school holidays are over the beach should be a little quieter during the day and as (dare I say it) the days start to get shorter the sunrise and sunset times aren’t quite so antisocial!

Robin Hoods Bay at Dusk

Being on the East Coast, there’s no direct light on the village itself at sunset, but looking out across the bay toward Ravenscar can be great at the end of the day, especially when some nice cloud formations catch the pink light as the sun drops below the horizon.

Twilight and Incoming Tide at Robin Hoods Bay

Low tide as a great time to visit as there are lots of still tide pools on the beach offering reflections to work with.  If the tide is coming in (as it was in the shot above) then make sure to keep an eye on it as when you’re engrossed in creating a composition in the viewfinder you might find yourself standing in the sea – or it creeps in behind you and you have to wade back to the village behind!

Robin Hoods Bay at Dusk

Well after the sun has set and the lights in the village start to come on a few shots back toward the village may be in order, with a deep blue sky and reflections of the buildings and lights in the tide pools.

Early Morning Reflections at Robin Hoods Bay

If you’re lucky enough to be staying in the village then it’s just a short walk to the beach before dawn to capture the sunrise.  Make sure you’re in position well before dawn, as the twilight before the sun comes over the horizon can be the best light of the day.

Cloud Formations at Dawn Robin Hoods Bay

If it’s cloudy at sunrise there are still plenty of options, especially if you have some dramatic formations over the sea catching the early morning sun.

Summer Morning at Robin Hoods Bay

Later in the morning, the light on the village starts to get a bit more harsh, but the results can still be spectacular, especially if there is still a nice still tide pool available for a perfect reflection.

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