Workshop Report – Aysgarth October 2015

Capturing the Lower Aysgarth Falls

The Autumn season is coming along nicely and the leaves are turning a stunning colour. The weather was forecast as “dull and boring” (courtesy of the BBC News), perfect we think for a spot of waterfall photography at the famous Aysgarth Falls!!!

The drive through Wensleydale to West Burton is looking good, its also the busy pheasant season as they seem to be crossing the road every 20 yards! Once we arrive we have a quick sneak peak at Cauldron Falls to see what the river levels are like, and they are in and low! and the colour of the trees are stunning.

We meet the group at the Fox & Hounds for morning coffee and discussions on camera exposure and what to look out for during the day before heading out across the fields. Our first stop is always quite a funny one as we don’t actually get the cameras out. There is a barn half way up the hill where you can get a good position leading to a view down the dale, but at this time of day the sun is directly in front of us plus there are some telephone lines running right across the scene, so there is most of what makes a great landscape photograph but not all. For this reason we move on for  the first photography stop of the day, a sweeping view across the valley. Lots of details to find in the landscape plus wide views to make a panoramic crop, lovely.

Lower Aysgarth Falls
Lower Aysgarth Falls

From here we head down to Lower Aysgarth Falls which are looking great, the water level is fairly low so there are loads of details and smaller subjects to find. The sun occasionally pops out from the clouds but generally we have good light for the moving water shots. Moving a little further up river to the next set of falls we have a quick stop and then lunch!

After lunch up we head up to the Upper Aysgarth Falls which again are looking great, with the autumnal backdrop, the cloud cover thickens up so we are able to achieve longer exposures and capture some great reflections in the water.

Aysgarth Falls
Aysgarth Falls
Crossing the fields
Crossing the fields

Moving on, we head back towards West Burton across the fields, one quick stop at a photogenic barn before we make our back to Cauldron Falls for the final stop of the day, and the conditions were perfect. There wasn’t a breath of wind so all the surrounding leaves were stock still, the river was a great level to see individual drops off the fall, and as the sun was setting so we were able to achieve very long exposures, what could be better! When the dark crept in we finished back at the pub for a well deserved pint!

At West Burton Falls
At West Burton Falls

Sunday was the processing afternoon, and the results were great! we processed a select few using Lightroom and Photoshop and very happy with the results! So the BBC may have had a dull weather weekend, the photography workshop was far from boring!

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