Workshop Report – Aysgarth June 2016

At the Lower Aysgarth Falls
At the Lower Aysgarth Falls

Our trip to Aysgarth and West Burton proved to be once again a great one. Forecast as a wet one throughout we actually escaped the rain until the very end of the day and was therefore in fact the perfect overcast conditions for some waterfall photography. Meeting at the ever welcoming Fox and Hounds in West Burton we enjoyed morning coffees over an hour’s chat about exposure and the five elements that make a great landscape photograph.

Photographing Misty Wensleydale near Aysgarth

Leaving the pub, we made or way across the fields towards Aysgarth Falls with a brief stop and wide reaching view looking up the valley with low hanging clouds. Down at the River Ure and our first stop at Lower Aysgarth Falls, the level of water was relatively high, but still gave us plenty of subjects to capture as the water crashed around the rocks. The overcast conditions and no wind provided us with great light for the subject.

Photographing Upper Aysgarth Falls

Making our way to Upper Aysgarth Falls, and the time was rushing us by as we broke for a spot of lunch before cracking on capturing the iconic falls. The lush trees and still conditions provided stunning reflections in the river and the level of water gave many individual subjects as well as the whole falls.

Heading back down the opposite side of the river we have a quick stop with a difference at a small patch of woodland and have some fun with intentional camera movement (ICM) using the straight trunks. Off the tripods and using a slower shutter speed, we follow the line of the trees in a sweeping motion and press the shutter mid sweep to create some interesting effects and colour.

Looking across the wider section of the River Ure
Looking across the wider section of the River Ure

One last stop at the wider section of the River Ure to capture the fast flowing water before making our way through the fields towards West Burton. Away from the river and it all becomes quiet again and our regular stop at a set of field barns proves to be a good one. A few of the fields had been cut giving us a vibrant green colour and from our view point are surrounded by Cow Parsley in bloom.

Photographing at West Burton Falls

At this point in the day we feel the first spots of rain, so we make our way to the grand finale and Cauldron Falls at West Burton. Under the canopy of the trees the waterfall looked fantastic. The level of water was relatively low here and therefore the falls looked great, the trees were a fresh green colour and the overcast conditions provided us with a great way to finish the day on and made for some superb images.

As we now enter into our Summer season with trips to Malham and Ribblehead why not join us for a photography workshop.

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