Workshop Report – Aysgarth October 2017

With a Met Office weather warning issued, the Saturday itself was thankfully predicted (for the most part) as a dry day!! plus with overcast conditions, we couldn’t have wished for better! However we never expected what we saw at the waterfalls!!

Starting our day at the ever welcoming Fox & Hounds in West Burton we met with the group for teas and coffees and began the day with our discussion into what makes a great landscape image. Leaving the pub, the weather was dry, certainly as far as what was happening in the sky, however crossing the fields along the flood plain it became slightly more challenging with a great deal of flood water underfoot!! Away from the waterlogged fields we began to climb up and to our first stop at a field barn nestled amongst the trees and a drystone wall, making for a pleasing composition.

Photographing a barn with a touch of autumn colour on the first stop of the day

A quick yomp over the hill and we arrive at Upper Aysgarth Falls, and wow, its just breathtaking!! We make our way down to the Lower Falls and get set up. Its just incredible how much water was pounding its way down!! Ive not seen them like this ever before. Heres a short video, showing the Lower Falls, and how its almost flat with the amount of water.

No matter what shutter speed selected, you couldn’t avoid capturing fantastic movement plus the superb orange colour from the peat, plus the lovely autumnal colours in the surrounding trees.

Photographing the raging torrent in the River Ure above Lower Aysgarth Falls

Leaving the Lower Falls we make our way back up to the Upper Falls and stop for some lunch before continuing to record the raging torrent. Heres another short video of Mark speaking with Stuart about…. well am not sure what about, the noise of the waterfall is winning slightly.

Photographing the very full Upper Aysgarth Falls after lunch

From the falls we made our way back down the Rive Ure and a couple of short stops, the first at the small area of woodland and a bit of fun with Intentional Camera Movement and then a second at the wider section of river before heading inland and away from the intense noise.

Having fun with Intentional Camera Movement

Approaching late afternoon it became steadily darker and darker which looked great for our stop at the field barns.

Away from the waterfalls for a bit of field barn photography

Leaving the barns we head back to West Burton and our final stop at Cauldron Force. Again we were just amazed by the water levels! The scene looked great, superb autumnal colours and lots of  interesting subjects to capture.

Rounding off the day’s photography at the amazing West Burton Waterfall

Just a superb day all round, the overcast conditions provided the perfect lighting conditions, and the phenomenal water levels provided amazing subjects to capture. The post processing session on the Sunday didn’t disappoint, we saw some great images that really captured the day!

If you would like to join us on a workshop to Aysgarth, Click here to see our available dates, and we look forward to meeting you

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