Meadows and Dry Stone Walls at Gordale Scar

Malhamdale in March

Whilst it’s lovely to visit the Yorkshire Dales in warmer weather, and lush green summer meadows and dry stones walls epitomise the national park, this time of year is also nice for landscape photography with late Winter/early Spring resulting in some subtler tones to work with.

This image is one of my favourite compositions taken from the top viewpoint above Gordale Scar which we visit on our Malham workshops.  The tones in the image work well in the diffused light, but this aspect also gets nice side-lighting when the sun breaks through.

This location is one of our favourites on our whole workshop schedule as it has great views in all directions – down into Gordale Scar, across the valley as in this image and into the light looking down the valley, so there’s always something to photograph whatever the light does.  It’s also a place that shows that landscape photography isn’t all about wide-angle lenses – this was taken at 80mm (35mm equivalent), a short telephoto focal length – and longer focal lengths are also useful for isolating features in the landscape, such as a barn across the valley.

If you’d like to join us at Malham, there are full details on the website at

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