The ever changing Cauldron Force at West Burton

During our last workshop to Aysgarth and West Burton Falls we noticed immediately just how different it looked. Last year there we quite a number of fallen trees around the falls at West Burton that had now been cleared away, and what a difference it has made!

Mark and I have now been running our photography workshops for 8 years and we regularly comment on all of our trips just how different the locations look each time. In fact, no two trips have ever really been the same. This is more immediately down to the weather conditions on the day, be it cloudy or sunny, windy or raining 🙂 Big differences include the changing seasons, our visits to Bolton Abbey in Spring and Autumn are completely different.

But its the smaller, less obvious changes that often peak my interest. Water levels make a huge difference to a subject. After heavy rain the waterfalls and rivers are full so the shapes around the rocks is always different. After a period of dry weather the bigger waterfalls can be better to photograph as there is often more detail in the water. Also the landscape is always changing with movement of rocks, fallen trees or branches effecting lead in lines and shapes. One example is quite a few years back Mark and I did a recce to Twiselton Scar and photographed a lone tree on some limestone pavement. At that time the tree had many bare branches and looked superb. On a more recent visit a lot of the branches had fallen off, so it was a new subject all together.

Back to West Burton Falls, heres some examples of my images over the years, to demonstrate just how different it can look.

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