Workshop Report – Bolton Abbey November 2018

MS-40Unbelievably this workshop wraps up our eighth year running the Natural Light Photography Workshops! and what a year its been. Bolton Abbey in Autumn is also one of my favourite workshops of the calendar, especially if the light is just right!

We meet with the group at the always accommodating Tea Cottage for hot refreshments before setting out for the day. Our first stop takes us to a high viewpoint looking towards the Abbey ruins. The trees have superb Autumn colour and frame the Abbey perfectly. After a short wait the sun broke through the clouds and gave us the perfect scene to work fast and capture the image.

MS-38The clouds became quite heavy so it was the perfect time to head for Strid Wood. There was little wind too so conditions were just great for woodland photography and due to the dim light, our next stop was just perfect! Down by the River we were able to produce some fantastic moving water shots.

Amongst the Autumn colours in Strid WoodContinuing up to the famous Strid and a quick lunch stop, we got straight back in to capturing the fast flowing water and surrounding woodland. The Strid is such a beautiful spot, but it is difficult to photograph as the rushing water is very white as it generates a huge amount of bubbles next to the very dark rock. Also the Strid is narrow and long so achieving the best composition isn’t easy, but it is a lot of fun experimenting!

Capturing the very fast flowing water of the River Wharfe at theFrom the Strid we continue up towards the bridge and have a few quick stops as the woodland is just perfect! Crossing the bridge we head back down and photograph the Strid valley from a higher viewpoint, and also the cracking view from Harrisons Ford Seat.

MS-41Amongst the Autumn colours at Harrisons Ford Seat in Strid WoodWe do have a different stop at the Silver Birch trees and have fun with Intentional Camera Movement. This is always fun and we are regularly asked by passers by, what on earth are you doing waving your camera around!! Little do they know the amazing results you can get!

Waving the cameras about for some Intentional camera movement inSO-37Heading back to the Abbey and the evening is now drawing in. We pass the enormous bonfire ready for the evening celebrations. Back at the Abbey and our last stop for the day. Not an easy shoot today as it was getting pretty dark by this point and there wasn’t too much interest in the sky with flat cloud cover, however we could achieve very long exposure times, at around 30secs we could get some interesting images of the river and reflections of the Abbey and surrounding trees.

MS-43Very long exposures and reflections at the end of the dayAll in all, a superb day and just perfect conditions for the woodland and moving water shots. On the Sunday we met in Harrogate to go thorugh the processing of the images using Photoshop and Lightroom and the results were brilliant!! Many worthy of printing and hanging on the wall.

IF you would like to join us for a workshop in 2019, our dates are now up on the website, click here for more information.

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