Janets Foss and Gordale Beck in Spring

Yorkshire Waterfalls 3 – Janet’s Foss

This popular little waterfall is situated in woodland not far from the village of Malham where Gordale Beck tumbles over a limestone outcrop into a deep pool that was traditionally used for sheep dipping.  These days it’s generally dogs and children that can be found in the pool if you visit on a warm summer’s day!

Janets Foss waterfall in woodland near Malham
Janet’s Foss waterfall in woodland near Malham

Because it’s so popular it’s best if you can visit on a quieter day – and fortunately overcast days when it’s not as busy are generally the best for photography, as bright sunlight filters through the trees and can make exposures difficult where the light catches the white water.

Enjoying overcast light at Janets Foss on a Malham Workshop in May
Enjoying overcast light at Janet’s Foss on a Malham Workshop in May

Just about any time of year is good for a visit.  Overcast winter days can be perfect for moving water details in the falls and in Gordale Beck.  Spring can be particulatly good – there is wild garlic in flower in the woodland in May and the fresh shoots of the young garlic plants add a lush green to the woods earlier in spring.  Autumn colour in the surrounding trees adds interest later in the year, but even the green foliage on the overhanging branches work well in summer.  The waterfall changes dramatically with the level of water in the beck so it’s worth several visits depending on the recent rainfall.

You can park in Malham village at the Yorkshire Dales National Park car park and the waterfall is just a short walk across meadows and through the woods.

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