Workshop Report – Aysgarth Falls June 2019

Watching the forecast closely, its difficult to think its actually June!! The BBC weather App prior to our trip to Aysgarth was looking fairly bleak and may have worried the group some what, but for waterfall photography it was looking perfect!!

We met the group at the ever welcoming Fox & Hounds in West Burton for teas and coffees whilst we gave our introductory talk into the five elements that make a ‘great landscape photograph’. Once finished we ventured outside, armed with our trusty umbrellas. Crossing the first fields the heavens opened and battered us until we arrived at our first location and then thankfully stopped right on cue, and did so (bar a few light showers) for the remainder of the day.

The first stop was at a field barn overlooking the dales and with the bad weather made for some dramatic black and white images. From here we made our way over to Aysgarth and began at the Lower Falls. With all the recent rainfall there was a great deal of water rushing down, and the colour from the peat was incredible!! The river was a bright orange!


After a spot of lunch we headed up to the Upper Aysgarth Falls to be greeted by an equally beautiful scene. There is an abundance of subjects here and with a long lens its great to pick out the smaller details from the larger scene.


From the main Falls we headed back down the river on the opposite side for some fun with Intentional Camera Movement in the woods before one more stop at the rapids where the river gets much wider.


Away from the waterfalls and back across the fields its much quieter than next to the raging falls. We have a quick stop at a run down field barn with sweeping views into the dales and the Cow Parsley is looking lovely in full bloom!


Our last stop of the day is at the incredible West Burton Falls, its amazing how it looks totally different every time we visit and it never disappoints. Again the overcast light gives us the perfect conditions to finish the day off in style.


The next day we met the group in Harrogate and uploaded the images to give a demonstration as to how to process the images using Lightroom and Photoshop. There were some amazing images taken from the day, helped by the bleak forecast proving that bad weather days can be perfect for landscape photography.

If you would like to join us for a photography workshop Click Here for more information.

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