Workshop Report – Ribblehead September 2019


It’s that time of year again and our annual trip out to photograph the Ribblehead Viaduct and the Majestic Three Peaks!! I look forward to all our workshops throughout the year but this one is always a special treat due to the huge landscape we find ourselves in. There is always something interesting to photograph no matter the weather, from the small details in the Limestone Pavement to the dramatic and far reaching landscapes.

The weather forecast gave us a 2% chance of rain all day, so all is good and we can risk leaving the umbrellas in the car. We met the group at the newly refurbished Station Inn for teas and coffees plus our introductory talk into the five elements that make a great landscape photograph. All set, and we head out to the first stop which is a view of the Viaduct with Ingleborough in the distance. This was quite a tricky stop as the light was quite bright at this point, so we had to work hard to keep our histograms from clipping.


Leaving the Viaduct we head to our second stop which is a run down field barn and dry stone walls with Whernside in the background. The light was changing frequently so it was good practice to get set up and then wait for the right light to illuminate the barn and surrounding hills.


We then proceed further to a lone tree on Limestone pavement where we break for some lunch. It’s then a good exercise in composition and decide where to place the tree in the frame, how to incorporate the viaduct in the distance or how much sky to include? Theres no right or wrong answer as its always the personal choice of the photographer. Below is an image by Mark where he has made a black and white conversion of the tree.


Moving on to our next stop and a large expanse of pavement with impressive 360 views which can include either Ingleborough or Whereside as a backdrop, or (as we did due to the strong wind) concentrate on the smaller details of ferns and wild flowers growing in amongst the pavement.

Looking at the wild flowers in the Limestone PavementCapturing Ingleborough from the Limestone Pavement

Further along and Pen-Y-Ghent now comes more into view. We have a stop that has a run down field barn in the foreground and the peak in the background. The colours of the Moorland at this time of year is just stunning with greens, coppers, browns and yellows.


Back to almost where we started and from the Limestone pavement we are treated to spectacular evening light and 360 views of the Viaduct, Whereside, Ingleborough and Pen-Y-Ghent, all from the same location!!! Spoilt for choice its a real highlight of the day. I quite like the bleakness of the landscape and dramatic sky and captured the below view of Whernside and Limestone pavement.



What a great day all round!!! and on the Sunday we met up with the group in Harrogate to go through the post processing workflow using Lightroom and Photoshop.

If you would like to join us for a photography workshop in Yorkshire, Click Here to find out more.

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