Yorkshire Waterfalls 7 – Posforth Gill

If you’re in Yorkshire you may have seen the delightful Yorkshire Walks programme with Shanaz Gulzar taking the route from Bolton Abbey up to Simon’s Seat on BBC1 last night (if not it’s showing again on BBC4 on 5th December).  The walk runs up through the Valley of Desolation and takes in Posforth Gill and its beautiful waterfall, so I thought it was time to give it a mention in our Yorkshire Waterfalls series!

Posforth Gill Waterfall Bolton Abbey
Posforth Gill Waterfall, Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire Dales

We’d like to include this on our Bolton Abbey workshop but it would make the overall walking distance for that workshop a bit too long, but it’s an easy return walk from the Bolton Priory ruins (main Bolton Abbey car park) or from Cavendish Pavilion where you cross the wooden bridge and follow the lane a short way on the north side of the river before taking the path to the Valley of Desolation.  Make sure to take good footwear as the waterfall is tucked away in the valley and you might need to clamber out onto rocks on the stream bed to get a good shot of it!

Autumn Tree in the Valley of Desolation
Autumn Tree in the Valley of Desolation

Despite the storm of 1826 which gives rise to the name of the Valley of Desolation it’s actually a pleasant walk and there are lots of trees around, so it’s quite a good option for an autumn visit to Bolton Abbey!

Upper Waterfall at Posforth Gill
Upper Waterfall at Posforth Gill

There’s also a second waterfall further up the beck which is also worth a look if you’re continuing on the walk up onto the moor toward Simon’s Seat – though if you’ve got a good overcast day for waterfall and woodland photography then it may be too murky to warrant walking to the top – that’s probably one for summer when the heather is in bloom!

If you’d like to join us for a workshop at Bolton Abbey we’ve got spring and autumn dates for 2020 up on the website now.

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