Last Week’s Shoot – Brimham Moor

If we manage to get another still, sunny day this winter then Brimham Rocks – or Brimham Moor in general – is a great location to visit, as Mark found out on his visit last week!

Mark Sunderland Photography Blog

After the previous week’s somewhat tricky conditions at Force Gill I was hoping for better weather for my landscape photography shoot at Brimham Moor (and Rocks) last week.  The forecast was for light cloud and low wind so I set out early enough to explore the moor and get some shots in the afternoon if some sunlight broke through, but if not I thought dusk would be good at Brimham Rocks itself.  As it turned out, the forecast light cloud was absent and I had a clear blue sky all afternoon!

Brimham Beacon Rocks in Nidderdale Gritstone rocks at Brimham Beacon on the southern edge of Brimham Moor

I hiked up the hill from Summerbridge and decided to have a closer look at the rocks at Brimham Beacon first, as I’d seen them from the road a few times, so I turned down the footpath towards Maud’s Farm and onto the access land at the…

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