Bolton Abbey Autumn Retrospective

This weekend would have been our final workshop of 2020, and is one of my favourite trips out to Bolton Abbey. The colours around the Priory and in Strid wood are just stunning, and no matter what the light is like, we always come away with some great images.

It’s been really nice to have a little look back at previous years images and is a real reminder of how different it looks each time we venture out on our November workshop.

Our first Autumn workshop to Bolton Abbey was back in 2012!!! where we had a full group. I remember getting back to the carpark quite late and it was very dark! We weren’t quite used to the days timings yet, and the clocks had recently changed! It was however a perfect overcast day and everywhere we looked was a great image opportunity!

Bolton Abbey and Strid Wood Workshop November 2012

Looking back through my images, it would appear that 2013 saw the start of us introducing Camera movement to our workshops. Mark had been doing this in his own work for a long time, and it was fun to get the group to take the cameras off the tripods and wave them about taking bizarre, yet super photos. In all honesty, it took me some time to master this technique and now I do it all the time. I do also remember passers by looking at us in astonishment as a group of 6 people are stood waving their cameras about!

Natural Light Photography Workshop in Strid Wood 2013 – Mark Sunderland

2015 was another of those perfect overcast days and no wind! you could just photograph for hours and hours. The end of the day and we had a most stunning sunset.

At Bolton Abbey at the end of the day 2015

A skip forward to 2017, and a very special mention for the Strid itself. We always stop here for our packed lunch before photographing the waterfall. It is a notoriously difficult subject to capture in all lights and weathers. The Strid is very narrow, crashing through moss covered rocks, so you have white water next to very dark rocks plus a difficult composition due to the shapes in the landscape! not to mention the precariously slippy rocks whilst moving the cameras around. The Histograms are very difficult to keep in, but what a whole lot of fun!!

Capturing the very fast flowing water of the River Wharfe at the Strid 2017

As mentioned the colours of Autumn are just spectacular and this image from 2018 really displays that!! We often have many stops along the top path to capture the display.

On the top path – 2018

And then here we are in 2019 and what turned out to be our last workshop to date!!

Back at Bolton Abbey and the bridge crossing the river – 2019

We have missed not being out on our workshops throughout 2020, and we hope very much to be back out photographing in the Yorkshire Dales in 2021. We would very much like to wish everyone the best, stay safe and look after each other – Looking forward to next year.

Heres a couple more images from over the years…

2 thoughts on “Bolton Abbey Autumn Retrospective

  1. Nice to see a couple of pics of me on the 2019 course, seems so long ago now. I had a great day and learnt a lot, thanks again.


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